About us

Our company, Palmi-Trade Hungary Kft. was established in 2006.

Our main profile is the production and sales of fattened water pullet (force-fed goose and duck). Our products are made from animals bred and fattened in Hungary.

Our company adjusts itself to the expectations of the European Union, whereas we provide the full traceability of our products from the egg to the fresh goose liver or duck meat.

The selection of the genetically optimal breeds, the import of the eggs, incubation, the breeding of the baby animals and their training for force-feeding, contract slaughter, packaging in compliance with the export regulation and the delivery of the product to the table of the customer - all of these are within the scope of activity of our company.

We produce the goods we sell in Hungary and abroad partly through different integrations with good references and we produce ourselves the rest in our farm of our own.

The contract slaughter of the 15-2o thousand fattened ducks a week takes place at the slaughter-houses No. HU1131, HU194, which are accepted by EU and operate in compliance with the quality systems HACCP, ISO9001:2001, SGS grade A.

We provide the transport of our goods at the appropriate temperature with our 4 20-ton freezer trucks of our own to Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland. We regularly carry fresh and frozen goose and duck liver to Japan and Hong-Kong.

The managing directors of the company have been working in the industry for more than 30 years. Their experience and system of relations, as well as the circles of their producers and employees guarantee that our purchasers get goods with excellent quality together with immaculate service and perfect reliability.